New Per-Calculation Rate Plan


1. Packer3d is expanding Packer3d Online Service options to include the new Per-Calculation Rate Plan.
Unlike the Unlimited subscription, users of the Per-Calculation Rate Plan pay only for the loading plan calculations that they actually perform. There are no monthly fees.
This new plan is intended for users who only perform calculations occasionally and do not need an unlimited subscription.
Under the Per-Calculation rate plan, the fee for each calculation is 10 “Points”; points are purchased from the www.packer3d.com online store and credited to the user’s account. Each point currently costs $0.035, and a minimum of $10.00 worth of points must be purchased. When calculations are performed, points are deducted from the user’s account. Thus, each calculation currently costs $0.35.
Unused points will remain in the user’s account indefinitely as long as at least one calculation is performed every six months.

2. Promotional program, under which all users received five free calculations daily, ends on October 4th, 2009. All users, who already used up all their introductory bonus calculations and want to continue using Packer3d Online Service, should choose the Unlimited subscription or the Per-Calculation Rate Plan.

3. Each user’s remaining introductory bonus calculations will be converted to points and credited to that user’s account, so that they can be used in the future. Instead of the line “n free calculations left”, Packer3d Online program will display the line “The balance is n Points”. Each time a calculation is performed, the balance of points is reduced. To display the remaining point balance Packer3d-Online software should be upgraded to 92 build from this link: http://www.packer3d.com/ver3/p3d-online-setup.exe.

We would like to remind you that the use of the following Loading Calculators:
Load Boxes,
Load Pallets,
Bulk Cargos
remain free of charge.

Thank you for using Packer3d Online Service!

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