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The Packer3d software calculates optimal plans for loading different types of boxes, cylinders, and pallets into containers, trucks, and railroad freight cars.

The software allows:

- to save on transportation, increasing load density by 5%-20% (according to data from our clients);

- to quickly figure out how much space cargo will occupy in a certain container/truck/railroad freight car;

- to figure out the amount of cargo necessary to fill the entire volume of a transport vehicle, without hanging up the phone;

- to select the optimal delivery vehicle;

- to precisely determine the amount of railroad freight cars, trucks, or containers necessary for a large shipment;

- to be absolutely certain that nothing has to be left at the port, if the software calculated that an item will fit, then you may rest assured that it will fit;

- to manage your 3PL operator;

- to know the linear length that your assembled cargo will occupy during transport, ahead of time;

- to reduce the impact of your loader’s condition after the holidays on the density of your loading;

- reduce the amount of breakage;

- detailed functions and capabilities…


Online сервис по расчету плана загрузки разнотипных ящиков, бочек и паллет в контейнеры, грузовики, фуры, вагоны, платформы.
Enter goods, select shipment’s quantity and parameters Select a railroad freight car, truck, cargo truck, or container model, or enter one of our own The loading plan appears on the screen within a few seconds A report is created, typed, copied, and sent via email


The packer3d software is released in 3 versions which differ in their sphere of operation, functionality, and price. All models contain the same version of today’s most powerful stacking algorithm core, packer3d core™ ver3.

Internet version Local personal version Networked version
Packer3d Online Service - full function Internet version of packer3d-prof software. Try it right now!
A wide range of possibilities for configuring special circumstances of cargo loading and transportation allows the accomplishment of the most difficult and specific tasks. The proposed solutions allow for maximum loading density and at the same time protect the special cargo from damage during loading and transport. It has the maximum functionality for a local version.
More details on packer3d functionality.
It possesses the same applied functionality as the prof, but as a server based solution. Client connections are free and unlimited. It can work independently, as well as by integrating into existing systems that manage the enterprise and databases.
The software can be improved for specific cargo loading and transport processes via a separate agreement.
More details on packer3d functionality.

only €4.7/calculation or €120 unlimited/month


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Baseline data:

The software requires the total dimensions of the cargo (what is to be loaded) and the total dimensions of the vehicle (where the cargo will be loaded) to operate. The software will be unable to function without this.
More detailed information about the cargo, vehicle, pallets, tare, algorithm settings, and etc. may be entered in order to accommodate special circumstances of cargo loading and transport. (more than 100 parameters in total)

Results of software operation:

The calculations result in the optimal, step-by-step, plan for placement of cargo within the vehicle and the order in which the cargo is to be placed. This plan can be viewed as a dynamic 3D scene or as an essential step-by-step loading report that can be printed and sent directly to loaders.


Packer3d supports many popular public formats for storing data. More details.


The ability to import/export data allows packer3d-mini and packer3d-prof to be integrated with any data systems on the data exchange level in a single user scenario.
The abilities of the network components of packer3d-corp and its data base calculations allow for more effective client-server integration into the active enterprise management system and prevent the duplication of data. A complete integration may require some adaptive improvements from both sides. Improvement of software is discussed on an individual basis.

Package contents and delivery:

Packer3d is a boxed product. The distribution consists of a cd-disk loaded with the software and Russian and English manuals, and a Senselock copy protection USB-key. Worldwide delivery of the boxed versions is carried out by hand via a courier service. The shipping costs are not included in the price of the software and are paid additionally. Packer3d Online is not a boxed product.

Minimum system requirements and performance:

Microsoft Windows XP, Server 2003 a free USB port v 1.1 or higher, no less than 100Mb free disk space, and cd-disk reading capability for the installation.
The speed with which calculations are carried out depends directly on how powerful the computer is and how difficult the task, and can vary widely from a few seconds to a few hours. For example, calculations for a single 20ft container 646 boxes 7 types, fast algorithm speed, on an office notebook with an Intel Celeron 2000 processor takes 11 seconds.


How to use the demo version.

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