Features and Capabilities

Optimal loading plan calculation for containers, trucks, cargo trucks, and wagon cars:

Various options for viewing a loading plan:

Loading Multiple Vehicles Simultaniously

Ability to load from the front, the side, or the top:

Ability to choose the speed of the algorithm:

Standard and user reports for printing a loading plan:

Cargo Concentration

Cargo Grouping: "Undivisible Set", "Anti-theft", "Dangerous cargos"


Mixed Palletization

Loading Order

Additional loading

Additional Loading Recommendations

Loading optimization based on cargo cost:

Import/export of raw data and loading plans:

Single user model for integration

Enterprise model for intergration:

The software takes the following limitations on the loading and transport of cargo into account, during loading plan calculation:

Total weight limit

Axle Weights

Orientations allowed

Stacking Limits in kg:

Extended Fragility

Temperature sensitive

Filling the space below a rounded railroad freight car roof:

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