Packer3d Ltd offers collaboration to all companies interested in joint work and constantly expands its network of Partnerships. Packer3d software can be distributed by boxed versions, as well as by introduction of the software to the Partner’s clients.

We are looking for representatives in the following countries: USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, China, and others.

Partner’s commission is determined depending on the sales model, chosen by Parties for a particular client.

“Packer3d” Ltd. is open for a wide range of cooperation options with companies as well as private individuals. We are ready to participate in the completion of projects, where our solutions, skills and experience are required in integrating our calculation services into corporate systems of any difficulty, adapting algorithms for specific requirements of client and solving problems, requiring the application of serious mathematical apparatus from the field of discrete mathematics, mathematical logic, statistics, finite automata, neural networks, and genetic algorithms.

We believe that we can mutually cooperate with companies working in the field of cargo transport and logistics, exchanges, with service providers in the organization of cargo, forwarding agents, customs terminals and storage systems and software developers of ERP and WMS systems.

If you are interested in cooperation with “packer3d” Ltd., you can contact us via the contact options available on out contact page, including the email contact form located on that page.

Foreign Offices and Regional Partners:

Packer3d Middle East
UAE, Sharjah,
Mr. Roman Gavrilin
Phone +971-55-935-7803
Minsk, Belarus
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Minsk, Belarus
Riga, Latvia
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