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If you are considering the following questions:

  • How can the goods be optimally placed in a car, so that it is maximally loaded?
  • How can we optimally choose a vehicle, so that we don’t have to transport air?
  • Will all of the goods that need to be transported fit in a given vehicle?
  • How can the quality of the loader’s work be measured?

then it is worth bringing your attention to the packer3d loading task automation software.


Every time it is necessary to place goods in a warehouse or load them into a vehicle, we encounter the task of loading the goods in a way that minimizes the volume of space they occupies, or in other words, with the task of its optimal loading. Scientists call it the “Backpack task”. Modern mathematics classifies the “Backpack task” as NP-complete, in other words, its solution requires the complete enumeration of all possible options. This means that even if the amount of goods is small (only 50) the operational time of the software which can implement these algorithms would be measured in years even using modern supercomputers. It is without coincidence that in the year 2000, the Klea Mathematical Institute, a subsidiary of Cambridge University, included the task of finding a quick (polynomial) algorithm for solving exhaustive problems in their list of 7 problems, the solution to any one which would receive a million dollars!


One way to get around this dilemma is to create approximating heuristic algorithms, which can find a solution that is close to the optimal solution in a reasonable amount of time. This is exactly the algorithm that was developed by Russian scientists in the years between 2000 and 2003, at the department of mechanics/mathematics MATIS department of MGU. The fill density as a result of using this algorithm makes use of about 80%-95% of the cargo compartment’s volume, while keeping the time to process a hundred boxes to a few minutes.
The calculation can account for various additional constraints, such as load capacity, maximum pressure on boxes, balancing pressure on axels, stacking, palletizing, and many others. In addition, three loading options are available: through the back door like a container, through the side door like a wagon car, or top to bottom like onto a platform.


In the year 2003, the authors of this algorithm created JSC "Packer 3d", and released the first version of the vehicle loading optimization software, packer3d.


Statistical research of the “Packer 3d” company shows that an experienced loading crew loads a vehicle with effectiveness close to 70%.
The quality of loading by the packer3d software is on average 85%.
Thus, using packer3d software allows the reduction of transport by an average of 15%, due to denser stacking. The software will pay for itself in the shortest time.

Software description:

Packer3d is the software for calculating vehicle loading plans and has unique functionality in the areas of placing cargo, loading containers, optimal loading of cargo trucks, loading calculations, and etc. Calculating the optimal loading plan for a vehicle not only allows you to obtain information about the upcoming loading such as the quality of loading, amount of goods left over, choosing an optimal vehicle, analysis of logistics,
but also a detailed, step by step loading plan for the container/cargo truck/ wagon car, which can then be sent to the warehouse.

Full version’s functionality:

  • calculation of optimal loading plan for boxes in a vehicle;
  • stacking into trucks, cargo trucks, wagon cars, containers, platforms;
  • loading several vehicles simultaneously;
  • loading from different warehouses;
  • loading with the consideration of unloading at different warehouses;
  • alert when attempting to send a vehicle that has not been fully filled;
  • SKU list report for additional filling of vehicles that have room for additional cargo;
  • quick recalculation in the event of receiving a new vehicle;
  • consideration of special circumstances for cargo transport: <>, <>, <> and etc.
  • consideration of vehicle’s constraints: load lifting capability, axel pressure, door dimensions, rounded roof in a wagon car, etc.
  • inseparable groups of good and order of loading;
  • options for working with pallets: loading from pallets by bulk, loading by pallets with prior palletizing, loading by pallets and by bulk at the same time.
  • optimization of vehicle loading by cost of cargo;
  • situating cargo in the cargo body during winter depending on its resistance to cold.
  • integration into existing data systems of the enterprise and ability to work solely with databases;
  • unlimited number of client connections to the system, including affiliates;
  • ability to view loading models as 3d images of tables with different levels of details;
  • export/import of data;
  • built in data base of standard vehicles;
  • many more…

More details about the functionality

Our clients:

Our company offers a full range of services in addressing the problem of optimal loading of cargo for transport. Starting from the sale of the boxed model of the packer3d software and to the creation of ARPU system (Automatic loading plan calculation of finished product in vehicles) with its integration in the active data system of the enterprise.
Our clients include hundreds of companies in Russia and abroad. Some of the more famous are:
Baltica" 'Brewing Company' Ltd. Furniture Factory «Shatura» Ltd.
« Nemiroff » «Trade House » LLC Union-Viktan LLC
'Laura' Ltd. Ericsson AB
Multimodal Transport Equipment GmbH 'Krynitsa' LTD
Agility Rusklimat Group

Vehicles data base

In the “prof” and “corp” models a built-in vehicle data base is available, with sizes of standard containers (20T container, 40T container, and others.), automobiles (ZIL, GAZ, MAZ, KAMAZ), wagon car sizes (11-066, 11-217, 11-260, 11-264, 11-270 and others.)

Individual for every client:

The flexibility of the settings in the packer3d software allows it to successfully function as a boxed product. By Customer’s request, our company is ready to integrate the software into the customer’s existing data system and fit the algorithm to his/her individual needs.


The software offering of packer3d consists of 3 models, which differ in functionality and price: MINI, PROF, CORP.


Our site offers not only detailed information about the packer3d software, optimal loading of vehicles, but also an expanded vehicle data base, free on-line service for calculating the optimal vehicle loading plan, useful reading materials about automating logistics and using informational technology in logistics, loading plans for containers, calculations for packing cargo, done by our clients using the on-line service on the website for optimal loading of boxes.

Additional information about the software:

Demo of the software

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