You offer three Packer3d versions. What are the differences?

The basic version, Mini, does not support palletization, packaging, flexible cargo fragility settings, and some other features. This version is intended for uniform or sturdy cargo load planning for containers.
Prof version has the fullest available functionality, but is a single-user version that can be used only on a single computer.
Corp version has all of the Prof functionality, and is a multi-user network version that can be run on a server and used by an unlimited number of users. Any number of users can be added free of charge.
Online Mixed Cargo Loading Calculation Service has the same functionality as the Prof version. This service is the right choice if the calculations are needed only occasionally, or if the power of your PC is insufficient for complex calculations.
You can learn more about the features of different Packer3d versions on Features page. Convenient checkmarks next to each feature indicate in which versions they are included. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us, and we will help you to make the right choice. To contact us see the Contact us page.

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