Does Packer3d take the weight of the objects into account during cargo loading calculation?

When container is not being filled completely and the objects are heavy, does Packer3d start in a corner of the container? This can cause the container to be more likely to tip over. Can the center of gravity be adjusted or moved to the center of the container?

Indeed, Packer3d algorithm begins placing objects starting from a corner of the container. If there are only a few objects, all of them will be stacked in that corner. However, there is a “compactization” parameter, which can be used to distribute the load as close as possible to the bottom of the vehicle or container. In event that cargo volume is substantially less than container volume, this option enables even distribution of objects along the container floor, resulting in a center of gravity that is close to the center of the container. In overwhelming majority of the cases this will be quite sufficient to insure load stability. If you have additional requirements, examples of your particular cargo loading plans can be examined and discussed further.

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