Do you offer libraries for 3dpart-developers?

Our requirements are to obtain, based on the product code, the box sizes and the number of pallets that will be required for products listed in an order, using Excel invoice and box dimensions and wait files.
Do you offer the optimum loading calculation library?
If not, will you write such program for us? How much would this cost, and what type of licence would you offer?

We do not distribute separate algorithm libraries.
Packer3d will calculate pallet loading, and is available in three versions: GUI, console-based application, and ActiveX object. Each of these versions can import and export data. The data can be imported in the form of TXT or XML files, as well as from a database, so you can easily integrate Packer3d into your project. Packer3d software is offered under a commercial license. The prices can be found here: http://www.packer3d.com/program/price. We can customize Packer3d to your specific requirements.
To learn more about Packer3d integration see: http://www.packer3d.com/program/features/expintegration

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