Single user model for integration


As a rule, all data systems allow loading of third party software. The packer3d software can also be run from command line as a surface program, while indicating the file from which it can import its data as a parameter. This property of the software is in the core of the single user (local) model of integration.

  • A task that requires calculation is created in the active data system of the enterprise as a file in a format accessible by packer3d with the necessary information for the calculation. The necessary information includes algorithm settings, vehicles list, pallet list, and list of SKU to be loaded. More details about importing and supported data formats is available here.
  • The packer3d software is launched from the data system with a full GUI (graphical user interface), with the parameters from the file formed above.
  • The packer3d software loads in a separate window as a surface program and imports data from the file automatically.
  • Consequently the user works independently in packer3d. The user can modify the imported data or immediately calculate the loading plan.
  • The loading calculation can be performed locally with the possession of the USB-key from the “mini” or “prof” model, or sent to the online mixed cargo loading plan calculation service Packer3d Оnline, or to an internal corporate server equipped with the “corp” model. Owners of packer3d-corp have the ability to use the Active-X components as well.
  • Finalized loading plans are stored as separate files or can be exported into available formats and imported by the data system for storage within that system.

This is the integration principle used in “Packer3d 1C77”, an expansion of the typical 1C Enterprise 7.7 configuration for compatibility with packer3d.

Packer3d can be integrated in the same way into practically any data system.

Packer3d Mini and Packer3d Prof models are local and can only be accessed from the computer on which the protective USB-key is installed. The Packer3d Corp model is multiuser. It can be installed onto the server along with the USB-key. In this case the number of users that access it simultaneously is unlimited.

Networked integration model.

The Packer3d Corp model has a networked model of integration with the active data system of the enterprise.

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