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Packer3d can be used to prepare an Additional Cargo Loading Plan for a container or a truck that has already been partially loaded, and for which a copy of the previous Packer3d Loading Plan is available. This feature is typically used when the same vehicle is sequentially loaded at different warehouses, and the cargo to be loaded at the next stop is not known in advance..


Assemble a cargo load from a number of warehouses:

  • At Warehouse A, create a Loading Plan for partial loading of an empty vehicle;
  • Save the load planning task and the Loading Plan in Packer3d format, and forward the file to Warehouse B;
  • At Warehouse B, open the Loading Plan, received from the previous warehouse, with Packer3d software;
  • In the Cargo List window, remove all of the cargo items which have already been loaded at the previous warehouse, and enter the items which are to be added at Warehouse B;
  • Select the Results tab; the Loading Plan from the previous warehouse will be shown;
  • Create an Additional Loading Plan by selecting Additional Loading Calculation in the Calculation menu;
  • Save the load planning task and the Loading Plan in Packer3d format; if more items are to be loaded at another warehouse, forward the file to that warehouse;
  • At the next warehouse, repeat the steps above for the Warehouse B;
  • This procedure can be repeated as many times as needed.

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