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In order to determine the best possible cargo arrangement within a container or a vehicle, all feasible placement configurations must be investigated. The drawback of such exhaustive search approach is the amount of time that it would require; even for a relatively small number of items (50), the calculation might take years, even with modern supercomputers. Packer3d application utilises the proprietary Packer3d Core heuristic (approximation) algorithm, based on discrete mathematics, mathematical statistics, and mathematical logic, with neuron network and genetic algorithm elements. This approach makes it possible to arrive at a near-optimum solution for complex tasks in real time. Heuristic coefficients, utilized in algorithm settings, are empirically derived from hundreds of thousands of previous computations. However, Packer3d algorithm also incorporates some exhaustive search elements. The balance between heuristic and exhaustive search components of the algorithm is regulated by the calculation speed parameter. At higher speed settings, heuristics are utilized more than the exhaustive search methods. Lower speed settings usually, but not always, produce better results: Packer3d heuristics are continuously improved, and the highest loading density is often achieved at the fastest setting, which employs predominantly heuristic approach.

IMPORTANT: We recommend using other calculation speed settings only if the loading density, produced at the FAST setting is unsatisfactory. Calculation at the EXHAUSTIVE setting may take unacceptably long. We do not recommend using the EXHAUSTIVE setting if the number of items is grater than 50.

Available algorithm settings:

Fast calculation speed: exhaustive search approach is not utilised, cargo blocks of identical items are used.

Standard calculation speed: exhaustive search approach is not utilised, limited use of mixed-item cargo blocks.

Slow calculation speed: limited use of exhaustive search approach, extensive utilization of mixed-item cargo blocks.

Exhaustive calculation speed: the slowest setting, extensive use of exhaustive search approach and utilization of mixed-item cargo blocks.


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Input type:

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