Ability to load from the front, the side, or the top


Loading Style and Loading Direction parameters control the level of detail and the loading order for a Cargo Loading Plan. Please note that these parameters affect only how the loading instructions are PRESENTED in the plan, but not the resulting arrangement of items within a container or a vehicle once it has been loaded. These parameters can be changed after the loading plan is completed, while the plan is viewed in 3D View, Steps, and Tabular modes. A new, different set of loading instructions for the same plan can be generated quickly because the underlying cargo arrangement remains the same.

"Loading Style"

This parameter controls the level of detail for each step, presented in a Cargo Loading Plan.

Available loading style settings:

Layers (uniform-height layers)

Mixed Blocks (cargo blocks, assembled from different items)

Uniform Blocks (cargo blocks of identical items)

Single Item (one item at a time)

X-Layers (vertical layers, parallel to the doors)

Y-Layers (vertical layers, perpendicular to the doors)

Z-Layers (horizontal layers)


  • Required

Input type:

  • Selection from the list


  • Mixed Blocks

"Loading Direction"

Available loading direction settings:

X-Direction (begin from the side that is opposite to the doors)

Y-Direction (begin from the side to the left of the doors)

Z-Direction (begin from the floor)


  • Required

Input type:

  • Selection from the list


  • X-Direction

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