Ability to load space under rounded railroad freight car roof


In the loading plan calculations for a railroad freight car, it is possible to include the loading of space under the flared portion of the rounded roof. For this, it is necessary to enter the height of the freight car’s rounded roof (distance between the top of the main part of the freight car and the middle of the rounded roof) in the “Roof” field of the freight car’s parameters. When using this features, do not forget to enable it in the “Algorithm Parameters” window.

Possible values:

“Roof” = 0 or leave blank.
The space under the rounded roof is not loaded.

“Roof”= a whole number greater than zero.
The space under the rounded roof is loaded.


  • Optional

Input type:

  • A whole, positive, integer or leave blank

Units of measurement:

  • Mm (millimeters)


  • blank

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